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Flooring Tool Blog

Keep up to date on the latest flooring tools to hit the network of online tool and supply sites.


1/2" EZ Edge Wheelchair & Threshold Ramp

EZ Edge wheelchair ramps are a safe and effective way to solve most vertical rise barrier issues, uneven surface issues and potential trip hazards for those with disabilities. These ramps are made of 100% recycled tires and have a slip-resistant texturing on the surface. EZ Edge Ramps come in the color black but can have a StoneCap coating added for a nutmeg brown or antique bronze finish.

For more information on the EZ Edge Wheelchair Ramps or the 1/2" EZ Edge Ramp, CLICK HERE.


Orcon Carpet Repair Kit

They call this the "cookie cutter" carpet repair tool. The Carpet Repair Kit is a tool that will cut a perfect 3" circle out of your carpet that is currently installed. That 3" cut will be made over carpet that may have a stain, or minor defect.  Then you'll take the cutting tool over to the replacement piece of carpet, cut a perfect 3" filler piece, and glue it in place of the stained cut out. It's that easy!

For more information on Carpet Repair or the Orcon Carpet Repair Kit, CLICK HERE.


Linear Trench Drain With a Tiled in Strainer Look

The Noble Company has designed a trench drain where you are able to tile in the strainer rather than having a metal drain grate exposed at the surface. This in turn offers a seamless appearance where you can design a tiled surface for your shower. The design opportunity is endless for builders and home owners looking to add a comteporary style to your tiled surface.

Tiled in trench drain by Noble Company

For more information on the Tiled Top Strainer Linear Drain, CLICK HERE.


Grrip-Lok Gold Carpet Seaming Tape

Grrip-Lok Gold Carpet Seaming Tape by Seam Master Industries has a 3" release back seam tape. The adhesive on the back of this seam tape is pressure sensitive for the easiest possible application to the pad. This seam tape allows you to hot melt the adhesive on the top side to adhere to the carpet back and has an open mesh flow which makes for a strong, permanent bond between the tape and the pad.

For more information on Grrip-Lok Gold Seam Tape, CLICK HERE.


Carpet Shims

Carpet Shims are available in a variety of different heights, widths and lengths allowing you to find a good fit for your transitional issues between subfloors.  Carpet Shims are cost effective and easy to install.  Don't be left playing the waiting game half way through an installation because you weren't prepared.  Stock up on the shims that you tend to use most.  We offer discounted prices for purchasing case quantities!

For more information on the Carpet Shims, CLICK HERE.


Calcium Chloride Test Kits

These test kits from VaporGauge are indespensible for contractors installing flooring over concrete. It's useful for measuring emitted moisture and surface PH of the surface of a concrete subfloor prior to flooring installation. Performing these tests is important for ASTM certification, and can help you avoid complications and repairs down the road! This kit includes everything you need to perform accurate testing of your installation site, including an online calculator that will crunch the numbers for you! Kits are sold in packs of 3, 12, and 100.

To learn more about the Calcium Chloride Test Kits, click HERE!


Heavy-Duty Round Carpet Blades

The HD Round slotted carpet blades can be used with any knife that tightens and adjusts using a bolt.  The blade features a sharp edge on both sides at a .017 thickness for durability.  The blades come 10 blades per tube, and a case comes with 1000 blades.  Since each tube is small and compact you can easily reload your inventory and have sharp blades for the job.  Don't be left working a job without a sharp blade.

Heavy Duty Round Slotted Carpet Blades

For more information on the HD Round Slotted Carpet Blades, CLICK HERE.


Better Bench Triangular Shower Benches

These convenient and flexible bench structures let you construct a durable and strong shower bench without all the fuss of a built up mortar construction. Formed out of high strength aluminum alloy, these benches support up to 400 lbs of weight, all without having to deal with stud finding or joists. They come with hollow wall anchors and screws which allows them to be installed either before or after tiling has been applied to the walls. This saves you time, money, and gives you the peace of mind that you want for your shower enclosure!

Take a look at the Better Bench Shower Benches HERE!


Floor King Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

This professional quality undercut saw blade is a great addition to any contractor's toolbox. It has a bell-shaped rigid profile to enable flush cuts. Designed to be compatible with the Crain 555 Multi-Undercut Saw, it is comparable to the Crain 556 saw blade, but at a bargain price!

Check out this blade and our other Floor King products HERE!


Bathtub Replacement Shower Kit

The 32x60 Off-Center Shower Kit is a complete, easy to install, waterproof shower system that will allow you to create a maintenance-free tiled shower in place of your old bathtub. Everything you need to slope the shower floor is included, along with a closed system drain, curb, and waterproofing membrane. It's perfect for projects where time is a critical factor, and provides a simple and effective waterproofing solution.

To find out more and place an order for this convenient shower system solution, CLICK HERE!


Blanke Securmat Tile Underlayment - 538sqft Roll

Blanke Securmat is an uncoupling tile underlayment membrane that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone floor coverings.  Blanke Securmat has successfully completed rigorous testing by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America, Inc). Securmat installation completed thirteen cycles with no evidence of damage to the tiles or grout joints. The installation was classified as "Extra Heavy" for "extra heavy and high-impact use in food plants, dairies, breweries, and kitchens".   What does this mean for you?  It means that you can now find an affordable and reliable Tile Underlayment for your tile flooring installation jobs!

For more information on the Blanke Securmat, CLICK HERE.


General Tools Pin Moisture Meter

The MMD7003 Digital & LED Moisture Meter is used to test moisture in wood and other building materials such as brick, wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, paper, plaster, concrete, and mortar.

This moisture meter by General Tools provides high accuracy readings that are displayed on a bright LED bar graph and a digital LCD screen.  Measure moisture in wood from 6-40% and 0-100% for concrete and other non-wood materials with this meter.  Although the meter comes with built in pins that are replaceable, an additional set of test pins is included as well.  The meter is easy to use and easy to carry around.

For more information on the MMD7003 General Tools Moisture Meter, CLICK HERE.

Moisture Meters by Lignomat - Mini-Ligno

The Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter by Lignomat is the original pocket-size moisture meter.  The Mini-Ligno is equipped with an updated circuitry with microprocessor technology to assure accuracy, calibrated stability, and reliability. The meter measures moisture levels between 6-20% on wood substrates, and comes with pins for a measuring depth of 3/16" and 7/16".

To use the Mini-Ligno, simply push the pins into the wood you are looking the measure.  The unit will turn on automatically, and the large LED display will indicate the moisture percentage. The Mini-Ligno is small enough to fit in your hand when measuring and can be stored in a shirt-pocket.

For more information on the Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter, CLICK HERE.


Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive - 2 Gallon Bucket

Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive is to be used with Durock Tile Underlayment to create a one-of-a-kind a crack-isolation system.  The Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive is a solvent-free, advanced polymer technology that contains an additive for mold and mildew resistance.

This adhesive replaces the need for thin-set mortar, and can be troweled or rolled on.  This 2 gallon bucket will cover 300 square feet, making it perfect for the Durock Master Roll.  

If you are worried about cracking, you'll want to check out this adhesive.  To learn more about the Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive, click here


Sola FCL - Floor Layout System

The Sola Floor Cross Laser is a floor layout system that makes tile and other flooring installations easier.  The Sola FCL helps in lining up tiles, and also helps the installer visually see how the entire installation will layout.  

The Sola FCL features four 90-degree angle cross-hair patterned lasers, and projects lines out to over 60 feet (30 feet radius per line).  In addition, this tool is adjustable up to 2 inches, allowing the installer to install tiles underneath the laser itself.

The Sola FCL comes with a laser, a padded case, glasses, and batteries.

For more information on the Sola FCL, CLICK HERE.


Crain No. 995 Delexe Heat Gun

The Crain 995 Deluxe Heat Gun is a must have tool.  If you are doing any vinyl work, a quality heat gun is very important.  The Crain 995 is that quality heat gun.  The Crain 995 Deluxe Heat Gun provides adjustable heat up to 1000 degrees.  This Deluxe Heat Gun has an adjustable stand and a 6' cord.  The big 1-3/16" diameter nozzle houses a replaceable element.  This heat gun also comes with its very own carrying case.

For more information on the Crain Deluxe Heat Gun, Click Here.


Roberts Deluxe Knee Kicker & Seam Roller Combo

Great for a do-it-yourselfer or even a professional installer that is just starting out, the Roberts Deluxe Knee Kicker & Seam Roller Combo pack. This combo kit comes with a Roberts 10-412 knee kicker that can adjust from 17inches to 21inches and a 10-100 5" carpet seam roller.

To find out more on this combo pack, click here.


Ardex Flex Caulk - Colored


Vinyl and Tile Repair Kit

Need to do repairs to ceramic tiles or maybe a vinyl floor due to gouges, cuts, scrapes and cuts? Then the Ceramic/Vinyl Doctor Floor Repair Kit is what you need.  The repair kit is extremely easy to use and comes with step by step instructions to help you hide those unsightly scrapes, gouges, and cuts.  The Ceramic/Vinyl Doctor Repair Kit will bring your ceramic tile or vinyl flooring back to life!

To find out more one this flooring repair kit and to see what all comes in the kit, click here.


7" Premium Floor Sanding Edger Discs

Manufactured by Virginia Abrasives, these 7" Sanding Edger Discs are used for grinding and profiling concrete.  These discs will aid in surface preparation by roughening the concrete.  In addition, grinding down left over thinset material from a floor tear out can be a pain.  However, it is necessary to grind down and profile your floors for a better bond on newer floor installations.  The 7" Edger Discs make grinding and profiling much easier.  The discs are available in a variety of different grits.

For more information on the 7" Floor Sanding Edger Discs, CLICK HERE.

The Ardex Flex caulk is a premium siliconized acrylic colored caulk. It can be used for caulking and sealing corners, edges, and joints; up to a ½" wide.

Ideally the caulk is designed for use in the kitchen and bathroom, but you can use the caulk indoors or outdoors.  Ardex Flex Caulk is perfect for sealing countertops, sinks, bathtubs, backsplashes, and even showers.

Now you can match your caulking to the grout that Ardex provides with Ardex Flex Colored Caulk. The caulk provides an air and water tight seal, it is also resistant to stain and mildew.  You can find this caulk in over 25 colors and they come in 10.3oz tubes. To find out more click here.


KoolGlide - Utility Tape

The KoolGlide Utility Tape is used for your composite, tile and hardwood installations. This is a 3 1/2" wide by 66' long roll and is ideal for use with hard surface replacements as well as any full installation job.

The KoolGlide PRO-W Hard Surface Seam Iron is used for hardsurface installations and as well can be used for carpet. To find out more about the utility tape and the irons, click here.


Calcium Chloride Test Kit - 12 Pack

The calcium chloride test, also known as the dome test, is used to measure the amount of moisture emitted from the surface of a concrete slab. Also with these test kits comes PH Test Strips to test the alkalinity of the concrete slab, which is recommended to be done with every moisture test.

To learn more about the product, what comes with it and how to use the product correctly, click here.


Wood & Concrete Moisture Meter

The measurement depth on this unit is 1-1/4" and has been the best selling Moisture Meter of years. This moisture meter is specifically designed to take measurements on wood, masonry and concrete surfaces. To learn more about this product click here.


Speed Welding Tip

This speed welding tip is designed to be used with the Steinels HG 2300 EM heat welding gun and to also fit on the 5mm Reduction Nozzle. The intake on the welding tip is 6mm.

To learn more about this speed welding tip and to find other produts for heat welding, click here.


Premium Tile Scoring Wheel - 3/8" (10mm)

This is a 3/8" cutting wheel that is to be used with your Rodia manual tile cutters. To help ensure a smooth cut and to provide you with less breakage, Rodia is the brand to use. This cutting wheel will give you precise cuts and reliable performance to ensure a great cut every time.

To learn more about this cutting wheel or to find out more about the 1/4" Rodia Scoring Wheel, click here.


72"x72" Shower Kit - Stainless Steel Chrome

This 72"x72" shower installation kit is an ideal addition to help with your shower installation projects. All necessary products that are needed to complete the installation are included, such as:

* Aqua Shield waterproofing member
* 72"x72" pre-sloped (12 piece) shower pan that you can cut to size to help fit any odd shaped showers
* Inside waterproofing corners
* Adjustable universal shower drain assembly

If a chrome finish grate cover is not what you need to match the rest of the bathroom or shower color scheme, you can pick from a black, brass and bronze finish. Simply click here and scroll through the available shower systems listed to find the size and color you need.

To see a complete list of all products included with this kit and to read up on to obtain up to 2 FREE shower curbs with the purchase of this kit, click here!


Styrofoam Shower Kits

We now have 48" x 48", 48" x 72", and 72" x 72" styrofoam shower kits available on  Each shower kit size is available in four different drain finishes: stainless steel, black chrome, brass chrome, or bronze chrome.  

The styrofoam shower kits are easy to assemble and install.  In addition, the styrofoam trays are very versatile and be cut down to fit any size shower.  All shower trays come pre-pitched, so just make sure to cut even amounts off of opposite ends in order to maintain the slope in the tray.  These shower kits eliminate the need to build a mortar bed, and make the shower installation process as easy as ever.


Linear Shower Trench Drains

Linear shower drains are now available in six different lengths, and in four different stainless steel shower grate designs.  Trench drains are from Noble, and allow you to choose from an ABS or PVC drain connection depending on your project specs.


Dupont Tile and Stone Products

Keep your tile and natural stone looking new with the line of tile and stone products from Dupont.  From enhancers, to cleaners we have what you need to protect your tile and stone investments.

For more information on Dupont tile and stone cleaners, click here.


Airsled Appliance Dolly

The Airsled company is the leading manufacture of the appliance mover products, and its been that way due to the quality of their products.  If they say it'll lift 800 pounds then it will, don't be fooled by companies that like to bloat their specs in order to get a sale, chances are that you'll be calling them for a return authorization.

Let me introduce the Airsled Model 2015 with a true lifting power of up to 800 lbs.  This Appliance Mover has a 4 peak horse power blower motor and 2 air beams that measure 9" x 36" x 1/8".

Never has it been so easy to move a heavy refrigerator!!


Appliance Movers ships out over 50,000 units of furniture and appliance movers every year.  We have rounded up as many styles that meet quality standards to help make your every day tasks a little easier.
Choose from many different sizes, and shapes of furniture and appliance movers.  Just click on the appliance movers category in the left margin.


Tile Redi Shower Pans 

Tile Redi shower pans are the latest addition to Installertools.  We have introduced a superior shower pan, and improved the method of completing your entire shower installation with a Tile Redi shower pan.  It's not just your shower pan that needs waterproofing.  Don't forget your walls!  Cement board is not a waterproofer, and you will have problems in the years to come.

Tile Redi shower pans are available with the shower drain being centered, to the left, or to the right side of the shower pan.  Once your shower pan is installed, you really need to look at keeping your walls safe, and mold free with a waterproofing membrane.  You can check out our waterproofing membranes here.


The Grrip-Lok Gold Carpet Seaming Tape by Seam Master Industries has a release back 3" seam tape. The adhesive on the back of this seam tape is pressure sensitive for the easiest possible application to the pad. This seam tape allows you to hot melt the adhesive on the top side to adhere to the carpet back and has an open mesh flow which makes for a strong, permanent bond between the tape and the pad.

For more information on Grrip-Lok Gold Carpet Seam Tape, CLICK HERE.

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