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Carbide Drill Bit

Solid carbide 1/8” drill bit. Double sided with hexagon tips.

Item #: 05-223, In-Stock
PRICE: $3.93    
Concrete Nails

1/8" x 3/4" x 9 Gauge concrete nails.

Item #: 33-412, In-Stock
PRICE: $9.99    
4" Carpet Seam Tape - 11 Bead Release Back - Roll
11 Beads of adhesive provide superior adhesive strength.

Item #: PT-50-ROLL, In-Stock
PRICE: $11.95    
Staples for Slap Shot Stapler

For the Duofast Slap Shot Stapler

Item #: 93-210D, In-Stock
PRICE: $5.09    
Hexagon Bit Adapter

This adapter holds the Crain No. 223 1/8” carbide, double sided drill bit.

Item #: 05-225, In-Stock
PRICE: $3.29    
EZ Moves Professional 4' Furniture Skids

These are the wider version of the EZ 4' Skids for moving larger objects.

Item #: 4-EZ-PRO, In-Stock
PRICE: $32.50    
Adhesive Syringe and Needle

Disposable Syringe and Needle. Solve air bubble problems fast with this new disposable adhesive syringe and needle.

Item #: 82-143, In-Stock
PRICE: $6.01    
EZ Moves Furniture Skids - 5-3/4" x 9-1/2"

4 pack of Furniture skids by EZ Moves.

Item #: 1-EZ, In-Stock
PRICE: $19.99    
3 Pocket Box Style Tool Pouch

Tool pouch features a large main pocket. Two die formed front plier pockets. Two tapered screwdriver holders.

Item #: 28-700, Out of Stock
PRICE: $17.88    
Glue Sticks - Clear

10" Glue Sticks with UV Tracer.

Item #: ORC-13320, In-Stock
PRICE: $4.49    
Gundlach - 4 Series Carpet Edge Sealing Tip - 4RS

The 4 Series Carpet Edge Sealing Tip can be used on almost any glue gun and with any glue compatible with use on carpet.

Item #: GUN-4RS-09, In-Stock
PRICE: $11.90    
Top Set Cove Base Gouge

This handy tool gouges the back of vinyl or rubber top set cove base to produce tighter-wrapped corners.

Item #: 05-532, In-Stock
PRICE: $19.87    
Undercut Saw Blade

This blade is for use on the Crain No. 336 undercut saw.

Item #: 05-335, Out of Stock
PRICE: $10.15    
Adapter with Check Ball Valve

Adapter with Check Ball Valve for Glue Guns.

Item #: 3630-09, In-Stock
PRICE: $8.99    
Pull Straps for Furniture Movers - Slides

Pull straps to be used with the 48" Furniture Movers - Slides.

Item #: EZ-14-02, In-Stock
PRICE: $7.99    
9/16" Electric Tacker Staples

Duo-Fast. This staple is for use with the Duo-Fast No. ENC-5418, Duo-Fast SS5424, Roberts 10-120, and the Crain No. 615.

Item #: 09-5418D, In-Stock
PRICE: $5.39    
Undercut Saw (Manual)

Perfect for undercutting doorjambs and other obstacles to eliminate tight fits.

Item #: 05-336, Out of Stock
PRICE: $16.59    
Crain Econo Carpet Trimmer

This carpet trimmer is greatly improved with top-loading blade carriers, so blade changes are faster and easier.

Item #: 05-245, Out of Stock
PRICE: $62.33    
1-1/2" x 164' Double Faced Stix Tape Roll

1 1/2" x 164' double-faced Power Tape by the roll.

Item #: GUN-ST-015-164, In-Stock
PRICE: $21.99    
2" Spiral Drill Bit

Great for drilling in metals, and into cement.

Item #: DAN-J-1A-09, In-Stock
PRICE: $1.99    
Ardex SK Mesh Seam Strip

Ardex SK Mesh Seam Strip is used in conjuction with the Ardex 8+9 Tile Membrane.

Item #: ARD-MESH-09, Out of Stock
PRICE: $18.99    
Edge Binding Stapler

Edge binding stapler by Crain.

Item #: CRA-147, Out of Stock
PRICE: $41.56    
Furniture Movers - 48"

48" furniture movers by EZ Moves.

Item #: 4-EZ, In-Stock
PRICE: $27.50    
Airsled - Spacer System

The Airsled Spacers are used for moving heavy objects that have legs.

Item #: AIR-SPCR-09, In-Stock
PRICE: $109.59    
Gel Pro Knee Kicker by Roberts

Gel Pro Knee Kicker with updated features.

Item #: 10-505, In-Stock
PRICE: $94.99    
Furniture Skids (4')

Appliance movers slide over any surface without damage and there is no limit to size of objects being moved.

Item #: 55-93, In-Stock
PRICE: $32.50    
Crain Binding Staples

5/16" Carpet Binding Staples for the Crain Edge Binding Stapler.

Item #: CRA-148, In-Stock
PRICE: $6.57    
Comfort Knees Knee Pads

The "Comfort Knees" design has built in protection for both kneeling and knee kicking, so knee pads stay on at all times.

Item #: 05-197, Out of Stock
PRICE: $38.26    
Furniture Movers - 72"

72" furniture mover set by EZ Moves.

Item #: 6-EZ, In-Stock
PRICE: $44.99    
Duo-Fast CarpetPro Electric Carpet Tacker

Industrial strength quality electric tacker with compact design.

Item #: DUO-CARPETPRO, Out of Stock
PRICE: $162.99    
4’ Econo Steel Straight Edge

Straight edge is made of steel, and produced by Crain.

Item #: 05-113S, In-Stock
PRICE: $49.97    
Head Mounting Knob

Head mounting knob for the Roberts 10-254 power unit.

Item #: 10-254-04, In-Stock
PRICE: $11.12    

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