1-1/8" Wide Universal Blade - Fein Tool Accessory - 5 Pack


The Fein 1-1/8" Wide bimetal steel wavy universal blade turns the Fein MultiTalent, MultiMaster, and SuperCut into a multi-use sawing and cutting tool.


  • Cuts wood, drywall, plastic, copper pipe and aluminum up to 2-1/8" thick.
  • Can also cut nails, staples, cleats and sheet metal up to 14 gauge.
  • Dovetail shape of the blade allows easier plunge cutting of hardwood tongue.
  • Offset mounting flange for flush cutting and can cut all the way into corners.
  • StarlockPlus mount allows for fast, secure, and tool-less blades changes in 3 seconds or less!
  • 100% power transfer due to the stainless steel 3D tool mount.

This is a listing for 5 of the 1-1/8" Wide Universal Blades, which is an accessory used with the Fein MultiTalent, MultiMaster, and SuperCut.

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