100 Pack Extra T-Leveler Stems - Tile Proleveling System


Pack of 100 Tile Proleveling System Extra T-Leveler Stems. The Proleveling System uses two components, a leveler and a cap (Blue Caps sold separately), to both space and level wall and floor tile installations, virtually eliminating spacing and lippage problems.

Unlike almost all other systems, the levelers can also be used as tile spacers and no tensioning tool is required! The base of each leveler has four holes for anchoring between the mortar and tile. The vertical legs of the leveler rise from the base and act to space the tile. The legs are 'coded' for 3 millimeter (1/8") width grout spacing. The legs then join to the threaded stem of the leveler, over which the Blue Tensioning Cap (not included, sold separately) is hand tightened, leveling the tile.

The Blue Cap can be threaded from either side to allow leveling of tile from 2 mm (3/32") to 40 mm (15/8") thick and is easily adjusted without any tools.

Price listed is per 100 pack of T-Leveler Stems. Does NOT include Blue Tensioning Caps.

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