6" Single Blade Cutter

Volts *

The RSWS is the world's only 6" single blade cutter. For being so compact, this single blade carpet cutter sure does pack a punch. This unit is unique in that it is capable of cutting any carpet thickness. The RSWS is mounted on casters and is able to roll along the floor. It also can be mounted stationary if you don't plan on taking it from job to job. This American made unit is equipped with a self sharpening system that eliminates downtime.

RSWS Features

  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • Directly wired with twist-lock plug, eliminating constant terminal pin breakage
  • Eliminates thick rug resistance
  • No bucking. Operator makes straight, accurate cuts through heavy material
  • 6" blade for longer-lasting blade life
  • Sealed motor bearings for virtually grease-free operation
  • All controls within fingertip reach
  • Available in either 110/115V 60 cycle or 220/230V 50 cycle or 380/440V-50 cycle

  • NOTE: Please contact us if you need any spare 6" blades. 

    Please choose whether you would like the 110V, 220V, or 380V with the options above.

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