Airsled Sub Zero Appliance Mover Adapter


The Airsled Sub Zero Adapter Kit was designed to help you move heavy Sub Zero appliances without damaging the underside of the object being moved. The Sub Zero appliances typically have electrical, hoses, and wires that run through the bottom of the appliance which make it difficult to get an Airsled underneath because there is nothing solid to push off of. The Sub Zero Adapter kit is shaped perfectly so that you can lay the adapter kit on top of your Airsled Air beams in order to lift the Sub Zero appliance safely without damage. Easily move the Sub Zero appliance at the time of installation, maintenance and servicing, or just simple spring cleaning.

The Sub Zero Adapters provide a strong frame to lift against and are designed to avoid damage to the dangling parts located on the bottom of the Sub Zero refrigerators.

Sub Zero Adapters were designed to be used with the Airsled Model 2015 only.

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