Ardex UD 156 Movement Joint Tape - Flexbone Accessory


Ardex UD 156 Movement Joint Tape is used with the Ardex 720 Flexbone Underlayment around pillars, columns, pipes, cabinets and other floor penetration and restraining structures, as well as any expansion joints throughout the entire floor surface. Expansion joints and movement joints can be tricky to install over when you are using the standard tile underlayment that fastens to the subfloor using a modified thinset. The Ardex Flexbone is a floating tile underlayment that doesn't require it to be installed using a modified thinset. This revolutionary difference makes installing over movement joints and expansion joints extremely easy!

The Ardex UD 156 Movement Joint Tape requires that you leave a 5/16" to a 3/8" gap over these movement Joints and expansion joints. Once this is done, simply cut the Movement Joint Tape to size and tape it down. Doing this allows you to install right over the top of the movement joint.

Ardex UD 156 measures 1.25" wide by 16' long.

Priced per roll.

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