Ardex UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh - Flexbone Accessory


The Ardex UD 158 is used to merge together two pieces of the Ardex 720 Flexbone that have been cut along the 39 inch width. The Ardex Flexbone Underlayment has a mesh on one side of the roll that runs down the entire membrane, which allows you to merge together long runs. Therefore if you are installing in a 14 ft. room, you'll be able to butt together 2 sheets on the 14 foot side using the already attached mesh. That is a simple installation, however we know that this is not always possible. There could be bends, poles, columns, cabinets, etc. that will be in the way. If you are in the position where you'll have to cut into the width of the roll, then you will be able to use the UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh.

Ardex UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh is installed using a modified thinset. Simply cut the mesh to the size of the seam, press thinset into the mesh using a trowel, and get ready for tile installation over the entire underlayment.

Ardex UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh is 4.25" x 32.5' long.

Priced per roll.

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