Blanke Aqua Shield Tile Membrane - Wall Pipe Seals

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Aqua Shield Waterproofing Membrane is used in tile shower installations to ensure that your shower assembly will be completely water tight. These are the Wall Pipe Seals that help you save time within your shower installation because they are preformed and pre-cut for the easiest installation. Typically, contractors will take the Aqua Shield Membrane and cut an "X" shaped into the sheet membrane for pipes, such as your shower head. However the membrane will still have to be trimmed and a silicone will have to be beaded around the membrane for waterproofing. These Pipe Seals are clean, easy to use, and allow for a quick installation of the Aqua Shield Waterproofing membrane around your pipes.

Aqua Shield Wall Pipe Seals come in different sizes ranging from 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter. The size of the pipe seal that you order will be the size of the diameter of the hole that is punched out. For example, a 1" seal will have a 1" diameter hole punched out.

Wall Pipe Seals measure 6" x 6" square, with the hole punch size of your choice.

Please select the size of your Wall Pipe Seal hole with the options above.

Priced per pipe seal.

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