Contractor Pin Moisture Meter - Mini-Ligno S/D or S/DC

Moisture Meter *

The Mini-Ligno S/D is designed for the contractors, architects, painters, home owners, home inspectors, and restoration specialist. The Mini Ligno-S/D is a multi-purpose instrument to check wood and building materials with its own percent scale for wood and sheet rock. Other building materials can be checked with the reference scale. Great for checking for moisture problems in buildings. Ideal for pinpointing problem areas in wood and soft building material such as sheetrock, plaster and gypsum.

Mini-Ligno S/D Features

  • Unique on-off switch automatically turns meter on when pins are pushed into the wood
  • Bright red digital display assure optimum visibility
  • 2 Selectable wood groups add accuracy and convenience for wood species corrections
  • Trademark casing fits perfectly in your hand when measuring
  • Cap covers pins and also serves as grip for easy pin insertion
  • Scale for sheetrock and wood
  • Reference scale for other non-wood building meterials
  • Resolution: 0.1% for values below 10%, 1% steps above 10%

Mini-Ligno S/D Includes

  • Cap and wrist strap
  • 2 pairs of Moisture Detection Pins (3/16" and 7/16")
  • 9V battery
  • Manual and laminated species card
  • Carry pouch with belt loop

The Mini-Ligno S/DC is the same moisture meter but has an added feature that allows you to connect external probes to your moisture meter.

Please choose if you want the Mini-Ligno S/D or S/DC from the options above.

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