Cork Liner for Arts, Crafts, Drawers & Shelves - 24" x 42"


Cork is ideal for lining shelves due to its cushioned, absorbent, and naturally mold and mildew resistant properties. These cork liners are made in Portugal from sustainably harvested cork pressed into a thin, flexible sheet that's easy to trim to exactly the size needed. Can be trimmed with standard household scissors for a custom fit. Rolls do not have or require adhesive making them easy to remove for cleaning.


  • 100% Recycled & Sustainable Product
  • Creates a protective cushioned surface in drawers and on shelves
  • Keeps tools and utensils from sliding around when drawers are opened and shut
  • Absorbs moisture but resists mold and mildew, making it great for glassware
  • 1/8" (2.5mm) thickness reduces impact noise and makes it highly resistant to residual indentation
Price posted is per 24" x 42" roll of cork drawer liner.

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