Extended Float Sticks for Quick Pitch Kit


The Quick Pitch Extended Float Stick Kit is to be used in conjunction with the Quick Pitch Standard Kit.

Product Information

These extended float sticks connect to the 1-3/4" end of your standard kit float sticks in order to extend your pitch an additional 36" in either direction. The Extended Float Sticks are pitched starting at 1-3/4" to a max height of 2-1/2". Each Float Stick is 36" long and can be cut down to the size you need. Using these Extensions can extend your pitch for a maximum of up to 12' in length and are for showers where the floor drain is more than 36" from the walls but less than 72".

The Quick Pitch Standard Kit and The Kirb Perfect shown in the detailed images are sold separately.

Extended Float Stick Kit Includes

  • (4) 36" Long Pitched Extended Float Sticks - Perfectly pitched from 1-3/4" to 2-1/2"
  • (1) Instruction Pamphlet

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