EZ Moves Appliance Lifter & 3"x3" Black Skids

This package is perfect for anyone looking to move heavy objects and making it a one person job.

In this package you'll receive the EZ Moves Furniture and Appliance Lifter and the 3" x 3" Square Moving Skids in the color Black.

EZ Moves Appliance Lifter:

The PowerMaxx Appliance lifter will allow you to lift furniture with one hand leaving the other free to place skids under the heavy object being moved. The furniture lifter is easy on your back, its heavy-duty design is built to last. This unit is great for rearranging furniture or cleaning under your appliances. Lifts up to 280lbs. The Appliance Lifter isn't made to move any heavy objects, simply to lift up a corner in order to place the furniture skids underneath.

3"x3" Black Permanent Furniture Slides - 4 Pack:

EZ Moves Permanent Slides are designed to be placed under frequently moved objects. The Permanent Slides measure 3" x 3". They have a high density 1/2" thick EVA foam which conforms to anything placed on it. These slides are designed for permanent placement under the heaviest furniture for future moving. The ultra smooth base allows you to easily move over most floor surfaces. The weight of the furniture, or object, is all that is needed to keep these sliders in place.

This is the 3" x 3" EZ Moves Sliders in the color Black.

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