EZ Moves Appliance Lifter & 4' Professional Skids w/ Pull Straps

EZ Moves Furniture Lifter:
The EZ Moves PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter provides the leverage needed to easily lift large, heavy objects up to 280 lbs to place skids and slides underneath the corner or leg with your free hand. Using the lifter is easier on your body than the bending and lifting done without the PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter and is perfect for those who are rearranging furniture, cleaning under appliances, or moving. Note: This tool does not move heavy objects, but lifts the corners for skid and slide placement.

4' Professional Skids:
The furniture movers by EZ Moves measure 6-3/4" wide x 4' long. These skids are great for moving appliances, furniture, boxes, and other large objects over virtually any type of surface. The movers feature a 1/2" thick EVA foam on the top side, and a smooth base on the bottom side for easy moving. Make pushing, pulling and just simply rearranging your home and office furniture much more easier with the help of the 4' professional furniture movers by EZ Moves. Sold in a set of 2 skids.

Pull Straps:
EZ Moves Pull straps loop through the holes on the ends of the 48" Furniture Skids and allow you to pull heavy objects instead of pushing or trying to find a grip on the object itself to pull it around. The use of the pull straps reduce the risk of injury and make moving much easier.

Price listed is for (1) Furniture Lifter, a set of (2) 4' Professional Furniture Skids, and a set of (2) Pull Straps.

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