Floor Pliers for Raimondi Tile Leveling System


Raimondi's Tile Leveling System Floor Pliers are sturdy, ergonomic, and built to last. The parts that take on more stress are made entirely of steel while the ergonomic handles are made of high quality plastic. The parts of the pliers that come into contact with the tile is coated with plastic in order to prevent stains and scratches. Pliers can be micro-adjusted with the maximum precision according to the thickness of the tile.

The use of the pliers allows you to do your tile install quickly and easily. Once adjusted to the thickness of the tiles, the pliers allow you to insert the leveling wedge in the slot of the clip as deep as possible without exceeding the breaking point of the base itself. This way it is possible to exert the maximum possible pressure on the tiles, optimizing the function of leveling between them. The adjustment of the pliers only has to be made once at the beginning of work, and is quick and easy.

Priced per Floor Pliers.

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