Gel Pro Knee Kicker by Roberts


Roberts 505 Gel Pro Knee Kicker has a gel infused bumper pad to reduce impact shock while still transferring maximum energy to the head pins. The new lever design allows easier adjustment of the pin depth than with the standard dials. Quick thumb release quickly adjusts to 5 positions from 17" to 21". Kicker has an optimal angle engineered to maximize impact and conform to the natural angle of your knee. A pronounced notch allows the kicker to fit the corner of a stretcher head for an added nudge.


  • Thick 100% Gel Core
  • Durable Rubber Casing
  • High Density Foam Base
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Quick Thumb Release
  • Unique Level Design
  • Optimal Angle
  • "Bullneck" Design - 30% thicker, 30% wider neck

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