Gundlach - Replacement Carbide Blades for Scrape-Away


Replacement Carbide Blades for the Scrap-Away Rotary Scrapers are made from tungsten carbide and are sold in a set of six. The Replacement Carbide Blades come with mounting hardware. Each blade on the Scrape-Away has eight numbered scraping edges to ensure even wear. The six high density carbide blades are spring mounted to an aluminum casting and literally scrape unwanted residue off the floor without the use of harmful chemicals.

Sold six per set and includes mounting hardware (screw, washer and locknut). The Steel Brackets are used to hold the Carbide Blades in place when you attach them to your Scrap-Away Discs (sold separately).

Price listed is per 6 pack of replacement carbide blades w/ hardware.

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