Lignomat RH BluePeg Moisture System

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The RH Blue Peg is a sensor for relative humidity and ambient temperature that is used with the Lignomat RH Moisture Meters. If too much moisture is inside a concrete slab at the time a floor is installed or coatings are applied, the trapped moisture will eventually travel to the surface and affect the coatings or floor coverings. The RH Blue System offers the best choice for moisture measurement of concrete slabs using the RH in-depth probes and the RH Moisture Meters by Lignomat. RH probes are removable and reusable sensors that complies to ASTM standard F2170-02.

RH Blue System Advantages

  • BluePeg Sensors allow for quick test, 72 hour test, and long-term moisture monitoring
  • Sensors are removed and re-used after each test
  • Sensors are small enough to disappear below the surface and can be covered by a protective cover in between readings
  • One-time, low investment because Sensors can be re-used
  • Easy to use and easy to read

Lignomat RH BluePeg Moisture System component summary

RH BluePeg Sensors - Re-usable sensors that measures relative humidity and ambient temperature in concrete. Also available in a 5 Pack.

RH Sensor Sleeves - Sensor Sleeve is a liner for the test hole. The RH BluePeg Sensor can be placed inside the sleeve and removed from the sleeve for re-use. Comes with sleeve and cap with seal ring. Pre-drill holes using a 11/16" concrete drill. Sold as a 20 pack.

RH Adapter - Adapter can be used to measure ambient conditions of relative humidity and temperature. The RH Adapter has a standard 3.5mm male plug on both ends to connect the RH to the moisture meter. The RH Adapter body measures 2.3cm (not including the 3.5mm connector)

RH Cable - Easy to use 3.5mm plug used to connect the BlugPeg Sensor to the RH Moisture Meter. RH Cables measure 6ft in length.

Please review the option component summary above to view the description of the items available in the Lignomat RH BluePeg Moisture System. Then select the RH BluePeg Sensors and accessories you want with the options above.

Moisture Meter is sold separately.

The RH BluePeg System can only be used with the Lignomat RH Moisture Meters.

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