Moisture Meter - Pin - Mini-Ligno DX or DX/C

Moisture Meter *

The Mini-Ligno DX is a popular digital moisture meter with built-in pins that will allow 20 species of wood corrections. The Mini-Ligno DX moisture meter is equipped with an updated circuitry with microprocessor technology to assure accuracy, calibrated stability, and reliability. The meter has a digital display readout and measures moisture levels between 5-65% on wood substrates. The Mini-Ligno DX has convenient corrections for 20 different wood groups for an increased accuracy, especially when working with many different wood species, domestic or tropical. All Mini-Lignos come with pins for a measuring depth of 3/16" and 7/16".

Mini-Ligno DX Features

  • Unique on-off switch automatically turns meter on when pins are pushed into the wood
  • Bright red digital display assure optimum visibility
  • 20 Selectable wood groups add accuracy and convenience for wood species corrections
  • Trademark casing fits perfectly in your hand when measuring
  • Cap covers pins and also serves as grip for easy pin insertion
  • Scale for sheetrock and gypsum
  • Reference scale for other non-wood building meterials
  • Resolution: 0.1% for values below 10%, 1% steps above 10%
Mini-Ligno DX Includes
  • Cap and wrist strap
  • 2 pairs of Moisture Detection Pins (3/16" and 7/16")
  • 9V battery
  • Manual and laminated species card
  • Carry pouch with belt loop

The Mini-Ligno DX/C is the same moisture meter but has an added feature that allows you to connect external probes to your moisture meter.

Please choose if you want the Mini-Ligno DX or DX/C from the options above

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