Montolit Super Profile Beveling Machine

The Montolit Super Profile Beveling Machine is for ceramics and porcelain tiles & slabs, as well as any stoneware. The machine allows safe and easy processing of edges, making miter cuts, bevel, chamfering, rounded profiles and half bullnose. Miter cuts can easily be achieved by putting the beveling machine’s slide plate (made of scratch-resistant plastic material) on the tile or slab surface, starting the engine and sliding the machine along the edge; when the diamond wheel finishes removing the required material according to the work you want to perform, the operation will be concluded with extreme accuracy.


  • No limit to tile size or thickness - the machine itself flows along the edge of the material to be shaped.
  • Integrated vacuum attachment on the crankcase - little to no mess.
  • Small size and reduced weight of this tile profiling system make it easy to handle and carry.
  • Designed as a plug & play, ready for use, beveling machine.
  • Includes a No. FPE15-SP Bevel Wheel.
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