NC Double Pull Portable Carpet Binder

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The PBT is a double puller portable carpet binder suitable for any carpet edging application. Powered by two independently driven clutches, the PBT Double Pull Portable Carpet Binding Machine is better geared to handle dense area rugs than the single puller. It comes equipped with a supply kit that includes bobbins, needles, thread, oil, and a screwdriver.

PBT Features

  • Applies tape in one-pass operation
  • Binds all carpets and rugs
  • Trigger switch lock allows you to walk away while the machine binds
  • Zigzag lockstitch
  • Binding tape roll fits against machine arm, eliminating any extended obstruction when binding near wall
  • Convenient, labor friendly work handle maneuvers easily
  • Pre-set stitch regulator and zigzag width eliminate probability of breaking needles and upsetting feed timing
  • Built-in light/switch
  • Fully enclosed heave-duty motor
  • Available in either 110/115V 60-cycle or 220/2230V 50-cycle
  • Comes with a 7/8" folder for 7/8" binding ribbon
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