Noble Company Tile Top Strainer Linear Drain

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This is the Noble Company Linear Drain with the Tile Top Strainer for a seamless tile style drain grate. The Tile Top Strainer allows a seamless appearance incorporating a tiled in drain grate. Noble Company Linear Trench Drains can offer you a contemporary styling that gives you greater design flexibility when installing tile. With the use of an easy to install Linear Drain you can install large tile onto a single slope shower base. Previously, tile installers would have to cut tile to match a multi-pitch shower base. Noble Company features a membrane clamping mechanism that assures a reliable waterproof drain assembly. The one-piece linear drains are available in PVC or ABS.

The Tile Top Strainer Drain Grate incorporates a tiled in drain grate that is seamless.

Linear Drains come in 7 standard sizes that include 24", 32", 36", 40", 48", 54", and 60" lengths. The complete dimensions and measurements can be found in the chart below.

Standard Sizes

Please choose the size of your Linear Trench Drain with the options above. Please keep in mind that Linear Drains are available in PVC or ABS plastic material.

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