Orcon Carpet Repair Kit w/ Seam Sealer


Quick, neat and simple carpet repair tool for professional carpet repairs. Utilizes remnants or carpet from hidden areas, such as closets. Perfect for burns, stains, rips, tears and other small damage. Includes 3 Insta-Hold™ pressure sensitive patches, 4 blades, and latex seam sealer.

What this cutter does:
Simply take the cutter and place it on the area of the carpet you want to remove (cutter covers 3” diameter). Press firmly and twist unit. This will cut out the bad spot. Then take the cutter and cut out a replacement patch from another piece of carpet, maybe an extra remnant you have, or any carpet source you want. This will make the exact same size piece to replace the one you just removed. Then use the white discs (see item picture), which are sticky on both sides to hold the patch in place. This is a very easy way to remove burns, stains, and tears

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