Rodia AutoMixer Bucket - 12 Gallon

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These are the additional 12 Gallon Buckets for the Rodia AutoMixer. These are the Buckets that are used with the Rodia Automixers. The Rodia AutoMixer comes with 2 buckets, however sometimes it more convienent to have multiple buckets rather than cleaning the other buckets out. A typical installer installing tile will mix up to 2-3 different mortar mixes in one installation job.

The AutoMixer Buckets come in two different colors. The colors represent the type of AutoMixer unit you have.

The Black AutoMixer Bucket is for the AutoMixer for Tile Layers

The White Bucket corresponds to the AutoMixer for Plasterers & Bricklayers.

Please choose the color of the AutoMixer Bucket you would like with the options above.

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