Rodia MS60 LITE - Mosaic Tile Cutter


The Rodia MS60 Lite is a stainless steel mosaic tile cutter for wet and dry cutting of glass and ceramic tiles. The Rodia MS60 Lite allows you to cut both ceramic and glass mosaic tiles. The portable stainless steel cutter is equipped with a special tile clamping system with an integrated cutting guide for fast, accurate, and chip free cutting. The Rodia MS60 Lite comes with an Angle Grinder and a Dry Cutting blade for ceramic mosaic tiles. A vacuum cleaner makes the MS60 Lite virtually dust free during the cutting process. Using the Glass Mosaic Tile Wet Blade, a water supply tank and a PRCD Switch you can be sure that you'll be ready to effectively cut glass mosaic tiles.


  • Wet Angle Grinder
  • PRCD (GFCI) Switch
  • Water Tank
  • 4-1/2" Diamond Dry Blade for Ceramic Mosaic cutting
  • 5" Diamond Wet Blade for Glass Mosaic cutting
  • Vacuum Connection
  • Clamping System
  • Cutting Guide

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