Step 6 Polishing Wheels for Raimondi Bulldog ADV

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Raimondi's Step 6 Polishing Wheels are made for use on the Bulldog ADV and come in two different radius sizes; 3/8" and 5/8". 

These half bullnose continuous rim diamond wheels are used for finishing tile edges after milling. The lifetime of the Step 6 Wheels are variable depending on what material is being used, on average 1500 to 2500 linear feet. Do no apply pressure in order to make the polishing wheels have a longer life. Just the friction of the material is enough to polish the tile. Do not use a dressing stone on the polishing wheels.

The Step 6 Polishing Wheels can be used on some dark shiny travertine, on some dark color shined marble, dark shined granite, and glossy finished glass tile.

    3/8" Polishing Wheel

    • 4-3/4" diameter
    • 25/32" arbor
    • 1800 grit

    5/8" Polishing Wheel

    • 5-1/8" diameter
    • 25/32" arbor
    • 1800 grit

    Prices listed are per Polishing Wheel.

    Please select the radius size of your Polishing Wheel with the options above.

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