Tile Redi Quadruple Shower Shelf Combo Package


Tile Redi Shower Shelves are easy to install and 100% waterproof. Tile Redi Shower Shelves are made out of the same polyurethane material that the Tile Redi Shower Bases are made out of. Redi Shower Shelves are easy to install and are ready for tile setting right away after the installation of the shelf. Redi Shower Shelves are 100% leak proof.

Tile Redi Shower Quadruple Shelf Combo allows you to purchase 2 of the Tile Redi Double Shower Niches to create a custom shower shelf. Purchasing the combo package saves you money and allows you to create a totally custom look for your shower. The two double niches side by side create a 32" wide x 20" high niche.

NOTE: These combos are two double niches that can be put together side by side in any formation you would like, or separately.

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