Tile Redi Shower Base - Redi Flash Kits

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Redi Flash Kits offer added waterproofing protection to your Tile Redi Shower Bases. Redi Flash Kits are made to address the issue of waterproofing the seam created at the top of your Tile Redi Shower Base and the beginning of your cement board walls. The transition between the cement board and Tile Redi Shower Bases proves to be difficult to waterproof unless you use the specially designed Redi Flash Kit. The Redi Flash Kit is mounted onto your studs once the Tile Redi Shower Base has been installed. Then the cement board is installed right over the Redi Flash Kit. Once the waterproofing membrane is installed onto your walls, you'll have a complete waterproof shower assembly.

Choosing Your Redi Flash Kit:

Redi Flash Kits are available in many different sizes. If you can't find your Redi Flash Kit in the exact size from the options above, Redi Flash Kits can be trimmed down to size for proper fitment. Example: You have a 33x60 shower base, but there isn't a 33x60 Redi Flash Kit. You will get the 34x60 and trim off 1 inch to make a 33x60.

Please choose what size Redi Flash Kit you would like with the options above.

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