USG Durock Presloped Shower Trays - 4 Sizes

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USG Durock Presloped Shower Trays are available in 4 different sizes; 32" x 60" with center drain location, 32" x 60" with off-center drain location, 48" x 48" with center drain location, & 72" x 72" with center drain location.

These shower trays are used to create a custom walk-in tiled shower. Trays include shower tray disc, which makes connecting a USG Durock drain kit assembly possible. The USG Durock shower trays are completely customizable and can be cut down to size. Install the trays with modified or unmodified thinset mortar. 

These trays are perfect for the home owner that would like to remodel their bathroom and add a walk-in tiled shower system. Please note that all USG Shower Pans will need to be covered up with a waterproofing membrane before installing tile. USG Shower Trays will speed up the process and save you time from having to mix up mudset and building a pitch into a mortar bed.


  • Light weight, easy installation
  • Presloped and preformed
  • Trays can be cut down and modified with ease
  • Made to accept waterproofing membrane before installation of tile
  • Includes a shower tray disc for easy installation using the USG Shower Drain Kit Assembly (not included)
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