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Running a Calcium Chloride Moisture Test is the industry standard for measuring the moisture emissions from a concrete subfloor. For new construction, ASTM F1869-11 requires 3 tests for the first 1000 sq ft and one test for each additional 1000 sq ft. The testing facility should have a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 40-60% relative humidity.

The dome is placed in the center of a clean, 20" x 20" grinded area of concrete with the weighed calcium chloride dish inside, this simulating an airtight atmosphere. After a period of 60 to 72 hours, the dish is cut from the dome and weighed again. The weight gained will then translate into actual pounds of moisture per 1000 square feet. Visit to use their online moisture calculator to finish your test report.

The Alkalinity pH Test is a method to determine surface pH levels where flooring is to be installed, coated or applied. The area should be free of alkaline salts and high levels of carbonation prior to installing flooring products. ASTM F710-11 States that a pH test should be performed along with every moisture test.

Each Calcium Chloride Test Kit consists of an Orange Dome, Calcium Chloride Dish, Dropper with Distilled Test Water, pH Test Strips, pH Color Chart, and Directions.

NOTE: A gram scale accurate to .10 grams, is required to weigh your results (sold separately).

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